Jair Renan’s former nanny confirms Bolsonaro’s cracking scheme, says website

Jair Renan's former nanny confirms Bolsonaro's cracking scheme, says website


A former family employee Bolsonaro denounced to Public Ministry of Labor in the DF having witnessed a series of crimes in an alleged scheme of cracked that would have financed the purchase of the house where the son 04, Jair Renan Bolsonaro, recently moved with her mother, Ana Cristina Valle. The information was published by the Metrópoles website.

Family employee for 14 years, Marcelo Luiz Nogueira dos Santos, said that he witnessed negotiations for the purchase of the property, in Lago Sul, through two oranges who would have signed a drawer contract with Ana Cristina. The mansion with a total area of ​​1,200 meters is registered in the name of a realtor who lives in Vicente Pires, an unregulated neighborhood in the DF.

Marcelo he said that the house was being negotiated for between R$2.9 million and R$3.2 million. But he couldn’t say how far the transaction was completed. He and Jair Renan would have witnessed the conversations.

According to the report, the employee of Bolsonaro, which would have worked as a kind of babysitter of the son 04, admitted to having returned 80% of everything he received as an employee of Flavio Bolsonaro in the nearly four years he was assigned to the office of the son 01 at Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj). The amount would have reached approximately R$340 thousand.

The former employee was even investigated by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro as suspected of being part of the cracks scheme of the cabinet of Flavio Bolsonaro and had bank secrecy lifted by the Rio Courts in April 2019.

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