Jeep Commander: pros and cons of seven-seat SUV versus rivals – 03/09/2021

A new product from Jeep, the Commander comes to market looking to lead the seven-seat mid-size SUV segment. The model will have a wide range of rivals, but some of them are closer, both in price and in concept.

In this case, the models that are closer to the Commander, that is, which are also SUVs with a unibody base, not bodywork on stringers (SW4, Pajero Sport and Trailblazer) are the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Caoa Chery Tiggo 8.

But let’s check out what are Commander’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to rivals.

Jeep Commander Overland - Press Release - Press Release
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The design is very particular in each one of them. The Commander bets on a rough and rough look to maintain the Jeep car language and DNA of off-road capability. The seven bars on the front grille and the wheel boxes with a very square shape show this “rustic” way.

In the case of Tiguan, those looking for a great finish and sporty look find it. Offered only in the R-Line version, the SUV from VW is the sportier looking with small changes like the bumpers, exhaust outlet and wheels compared to other versions that have already been sold here.

The Tiggo 8 is about to change, the model will gain the new visual DNA of the Sino-Brazilian brand, which, among other things, will adopt a 3D-style grille, which debuted on the Tiggo 3x, the smallest of the line. But until then, the look of the model shows the maturity of Chinese design with its own personality and style is noticed on the streets.

Jeep Commander Overland - Press Release - Press Release
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Here the fight is very equal and fair since the dimensions are generally good-looking. The Tiggo 8 is losing in wheelbase with 2.71 meters while Commander and Tiguan offer 2.79 m.

In length, the Commander has a slight advantage at 2.76 m against 2.70 m on the Tiguan and Tiggo 8. The width is 1.85 m for the Commander and Tiguan, with the Tiggo 8 being 1 cm wider: 1, 86 m. The height is 1.70 m for Commander and Tiggo 8 and 1.65 m for Tiguan.

In terms of trunks the difference is not so big since everyone has a space and as much as using the five-seat configuration. With 5 seats, the Tiggo 8 offers 500 liters, followed by the Commander with 661 oil Tiguan with 686 l.

When all seven seats are in use, the difference is stark and the order of size has almost been maintained. There are 140 liters in the Caoa Chery, 216 liters in the Tiguan and 233 l in the Commander.

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Commander has been very well equipped since the Limited input versions. The “options” that are only present in the Overland versions are the panoramic sunroof, premium sound system Harman-Kardon, 19″ wheels and electrical adjustment also for the passenger seat.

With that it has 7 airbags (the others have six), the complete ADAS package that brings autonomous emergency braking, adaptive speed control (ACC), corrective lane reader and automatic high beam. It also brings fatigue and blind spots alert.

The package is complete with a parking assistant and a configurable virtual instrument panel, being equivalent, until now, to the Tiguan. In favor of Commander the Adventure Intelligence connectivity system, which allows tracking, configuring, having 24 hour assistance and 4G and Wi-Fi integrated into the car, which VW does not offer.

The Tiggo 8 also comes with a digital panel, but it is not configurable and in the 2022 line it gained the integration function with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in the multimedia center, which was not available until then. Like the others, it features an electric trunk opening, an on-site key switch and 360º cameras – an exclusive among the three.

Jeep Commander Overland - Press Release - Press Release
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engine and gearbox

The Commander is the only one that offers two engines around here. The entry option is the 1.3 turboflex up to 185 hp and 27.5 mkgf with ethanol and six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

Above it is the 2.0 turbodiesel of 170 hp and 38.7 mkgf that is associated with a nine-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive with reduced electronics.

The Tiguan offers the 2.0 turbo gasoline engine with 220 hp and 35.7 mkgf. The transmission is automated dual-clutch seven-speed and the traction system is integral on demand with driving modes for different floors.

The Tiggo 8, on the other hand, offers a 1.6 turbo gasoline engine with 187 hp and 28 mkgf. The SUV has a front-wheel drive and seven-speed, oil-soaked dual-clutch automated transmission; the traction is just forward.

Jeep Commander Overland - Press Release - Press Release
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The Commander has a differentiated reach of customers in terms of price precisely because it has many versions, or rather, it is the only one of the three that is not sold in a single version.

With the turboflex engine, the Limited and Overland versions cost R$199,990 and 219,990, respectively. With the turbodiesel engine, they cost R$ 259,990 and R$ 279,990 each.

Meanwhile, Tiguan and Tiggo 8 have only one version each. The price of the SUV of the German brand is R$ 236,090 and that of the Caoa model is R$ 187,890, being, without considering other issues, the best cost-benefit ratio for each of the seven seats.