João Guilherme plans to get back together with Jade Picon: “My wife”

João Guilherme, one of the children of singer Leonardo, and Jade Picon announced the end of their relationship on Sunday (8/29), after completing three years together. But to journalist Patricia Kogut, the actor revealed that he has plans to reconnect with the digital influencer.

“Me and Jade are at different times. We love each other a lot and we were never a couple to fight, to disrespect each other, to leave a fight somewhere and not talk. So, we didn’t have any bullshit, no fights. That’s not why we decided to break up”, said the young man.

The 19-year-old artist insisted that the two were “perfect for each other”. “We see things. Just like when we were young, we were able to see that the best thing was to be together. And as we live close to each other, we can see what is best for each other. I am 19 years old. Jade is 20. Jade is at a time in her life, professional, very different from mine. So, we thought it was better for both of us, today, for her to grow up alone for a while. We grew a lot together and evolved a lot. We learned a lot. And then we went back for a walk alone. That’s how we met, the two of them alone. And we were perfect for each other”, said the young man.

And he continued: “We said that, one day, we would meet again. I like her a lot, she likes me a lot. We have a great affection for each other. So, it’s very easy for us to like each other again, for us to meet again. And actually, that’s my intention, to be quite honest. It’s a girl I admire a lot. It’s a person I want to have around as a friend, as my hooker, as a girlfriend in the future, or as my wife when I’m much older. That, only God will know.”

On social networks, João Guilherme and Jade made very affectionate publications to announce the end.

“This is how I want to remember us… my first love. And I feel that for this memory to be maintained, this is the time for us to follow different paths. You came into my life to teach me to love and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Thank you for all the moments, kisses, laughs, travels and all our history that we lived in these three years. I wish you all the best. I love you,” wrote the digital influencer.

“Thank you for so much. Like all cycles in our lives, today ends the most special thing for me. I loved sharing these last 3 years of my life with you, you can know that I changed and learned a lot. I am grateful and happy to have you close to me, I admire you and I love you”, published the actor.