Jojo Todynho plans party with Pedro Sampaio for A Fazenda pedestrians 12 · TV News

Champion of A Fazenda 12, Jojo Todynho left the pains of reality in the past and decided to prepare a party for all his colleagues in confinement. This Thursday (2), the singer said that she intends to call Pedro Sampaio for the celebration and that she has already created a group with all the pawns from the last season of the rural dispute of Record.

“I even created a group and put everyone together, we’re trying to have a general meeting, a party, with a DJ. I thought of putting Pedro Sampaio, doing something cool for everyone because it’s over, it’s over,” explained Jojo in an interview with podcast podcast.

During the chat with Igor Cavalari and Thiago Marques, the Multishow presenter was asked about the receptivity of former confinement colleagues for the proposal. “I’ll organize it. Anyone who wants to go, will. Anyone who doesn’t want to go, as far as I am concerned, I think it’s already gone. I think life is made up of constant evolution,” she replied.

“Every day, I’ve been evolving and I see that each one follows the path they want and that they do for their life”, added Jojo.

The singer also delivered that, in her view, it was canceled by the public during the confinement of the reality show. “I said that the people were hating me. Every time I came back from Roça, in my head, I thought: ‘They must be giving me rope so I can hang myself more and more,'” he commented.

Check out Jojo Todynho’s outburst about the party, starting at 54 minutes: