Juliana Paes suffers from a “very ugly burn” and gives a strong outburst about pain in the wound

Juliana Paes
Juliana Paes suffers a burn and vents about pain: “It burned a lot” (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Juliana Paes resorted to social networks in the last wednesday (1) to make an important warning. The famous, who recently suffered lemon burns, urged followers to be careful when handling the fruit.

By showing images of her skin healing, the actress, who is hired by the Globe, stated that he suffered severe pain at the wound site.

“I’m making this video because there are a lot of people asking me, ‘Ju, what’s that little spot on your hand’. Now it’s getting lighter, but it’s gotten a lot darker than that. And then, I decided to come and tell you”, started.

“I suffered a lemon burn. Now it’s getting lighter, but it was a very ugly burn, it ended up with some blisters and so, it hurt and it burned a lot because it’s a chemical burn”, he added.

According to the artist, everything happened after she prepared a caipirinha and was exposed to the sun right after.

“I was watching my children’s football, I went to take a caipirinha for my aunt. I could have been drinking, but that wasn’t the case, before you guys started making fun of me [risos]”, remembered.

“The cup was super full and I didn’t notice, when I went to deliver it, it dropped and I continued watching the children’s football with my hand exposed to the sun. Be very careful with the lemon guys”, finished.

Recently, Juliana Paes fell into a scam in which she lost R$500,000 of her savings. The situation, however, did not move internet users at all, who even made jokes about the situation.

On Twitter, many of them claimed that the biggest culprit in all this was the actress’s own “fat eye”, who would have entered “a pyramid scheme to make easy money”.

“Guys, big eye is in the sense of greed. Find out why people fall for a pyramid scam. In general, they are offers of high earnings in doubtful operations”, accused one.

“Having 500 grand to lose is for few! Oh what a pity! But not”, mocked someone else. “He doesn’t believe in science but he believes in pyramids. It even fell on Bozo’s talk, falling into a pyramid scheme is the minimum,” one more.

The actress’s situation, it is worth remembering, is complicated, as she deposited almost R$ 500 thousand for a company called F2S Intermed de Negócios and, after realizing that she had been a victim of criminals, she sought out the authorities.

According to information from columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the newspaper O Dia, the investigations proved that the man who pretended to be the owner of the company disappeared with almost half a million reais from the artist.

It all happened in May 2018, through a trusted financial advisor to the artist, who was also a victim of the coup.

At the time, F2S Intermet de Negócios raised money from investors to buy cars that would later be resold. Interested parties would have been delighted with the promise of a 4% to 8% profit. However, these deals never materialized.

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