Juliette Freire detonates self-interested people who mimic her accent

The BBB21 champion, Juliette Freire, revealed a discomfort in the approach of some cariocas and paulistas. That’s because, the lawyer told in an exclusive interview to Vogue magazine that some of these people approach trying to imitate the accent of people from Paraíba. In a very stereotyped way, they open vowels, lengthen words and add terms like “ave maria” and “oxente” in their dialect.

“It’s a delicate matter”, started saying the paraibana in an interview with Vogue, and continued: “They imitate my accent as an approach strategy. I never needed to force a Carioca accent to create intimacy with a person from Rio de Janeiro”, “It’s a subtle way of showing strangeness”said the makeup artist explaining the root of the discomfort.

When asked what her strategy has been to stay true to her essence, even after having seen her life change completely after the end of Big brother Brazil, the former sister was categorical: “I didn’t join a reality show for become a slave to nothing, to change who I am. I am not a product or an object. I know this life directs us to that, but I fight daily so that it doesn’t happen”.

Juliette Freire is getting ready to release her first musical work this Tuesday (9). The EP will feature six new songs that will be available on digital platforms starting tonight. Anitta’s new friend ended up getting involved in a recent social media controversy after being accused of plagiarism.

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After having seen his name involved in a controversy on social media this Wednesday (1), Juliette Freire decided to change the cover of her new album that had already been released on her social networks. This happened after many fans of singers Pabllo Vittar and Demi Lovato accused the lawyer of plagiarism.

The image shared by the former sister contained a prism effect that distorts photographs. Besides it, another effect of replicating Juliette’s image in the form of a circle was used in a similar way by Pabllo Vittar in her album “Indestructible” and also by American singer Demi Lovatto.

On social networks, fans of the owner of the hit “Triste com T”, complained and pointed out a possible plagiarism of the BBB21 champion: “FORbone copy? It just can’t do it like that lol”, joked a netizen. “Juliette unoriginal”said another. “The copy of indestructible and flood, this woman is no good”.

Many internet users too defended the BBB21 champion and they said that the similarity between the images was due to an effect: “This is an effect that is far from being Pabllo’s idea”, defended a fan of Juliette. “Either that’s an effect, or you think Demi isn’t creative and copied Pabllo”, argued another netizen showing a similar cover of a musical work by American singer Demi Lovato.

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