Juliette says that ‘it will never be 100% ready for a music career’: ‘I don’t know what tomorrow is, the opportunity is now’

Champion of the last “Big Brother Brazil”, Juliette swears that, “incredibly, I wasn’t looking for fame” — “but I’m very grateful and happy for that”. Money, yes, was a goal, which was achieved (“thank God, I’m already satisfied”), not only for the R$ 1.5 million of the reality show, but also for the advertising campaigns that have starred since leaving Projac, in May. Now, the former lawyer and makeup artist from Campina Grande (PB) wants happiness, represented by a dream that before seemed impossible: a musical career.

‘Juliette’ EP:Anitta doesn’t sing, but has direct participation in her friend’s musical debut

The EP “Juliette” arrived this Thursday night, with six tracks that total less than 18 minutes (learn more about the album), but that promise to make quite a noise. After all, we are talking about a unique phenomenon of social networks, which in eight months gained more than 32.5 million followers on Instagram alone.

From her home in Rio, she spoke with GLOBO by video call about her musical debut.

Why debut with an EP of new songs and not follow the safer path of covers or feats?

People know what I like, what songs I like to sing, what I listen to. So, I chose to do something that really looked like me, regardless of commercial outcome. I wanted to deliver something genuine, as I chose to be. Even on the show, which is a reality show, people know who I am, and it’s the beginning of my career. I need to have an experience of my own, something of mine. I’ve already lost so much so my music should talk about me at first.

Do you have a favorite song, or one that represents you the most?

I prefer it when I open my voice more. There are calmer songs and others that I open up more. The EP has more lively songs, naughty, other more poetic. One I think I’m listening to on a beach, facing the sea, swinging in a hammock; another I imagine myself at a ballad, everyone singing and screaming; another me flirting, dancing.

The Juliette phenomenon now in singer version:‘BBB’ champion unites regional and modern in EP

There are those who point out, given the speed at which things are going, that everything was already underway for your musical career when you left “BBB”. But it’s also hard to believe, having watched the show, that you would do anything you didn’t want to. Do you feel it is the right time to take this step?

People know that I can’t do something that doesn’t make me happy. I get distressed if I have something to say and I can’t, nor do I sleep well. I couldn’t do anything that would enslave me, imprison me, or fight with what I believe. Music has always been a sleeping dream for me. When I left, I saw that people saw me that way and that strengthened me. As for everything being planned out for me, it was absolutely the opposite. People made plans with two options: the first was if I did, the second was if I didn’t. And it took us a long time to reach the ideal project for my career, I interfered in practically everything. For example, the lives: nobody wanted me to do it. That I never told.

The 'BBB 21' champion Juliette Photo: Publicity/Fernando Tomaz
The ‘BBB 21’ champion Juliette Photo: Publicity/Fernando Tomaz

Like this?

I got scolded by the entire team, because what I did was crazy. I wasn’t well, I had a lot on my mind, I was busy, I hadn’t prepared anything to do, I was going to sing with professionals… I took a step bigger than my leg. But that’s also part of me, I have a great sense of finitude. We will never be prepared for our lives, and I have no desire to wait. And I approached this journey with music exactly like that. I’m never going to be 100% ready, everyone knows I’m in the process, so I think people will see me not as a professional singer, but as a girl who sings. A person who is starting a trajectory. The right moment is what you feel, and I don’t know what tomorrow is, I don’t know if I’ll be alive, I don’t know if the opportunities will be the same or if the ears will be open to hear what I have to say. The opportunity is now.

It’s a performer’s EP, since you didn’t write the songs, but you tried to have your face, sounds, expressions, in short, things you like. How was your creative participation in these six songs?

The process of creating these songs was totally inspired by my history, my tastes, half of the songs were made by my friends, people who know me intimately. You know how I talk about life, you know a lot about me. If I were going to make some music, it would be like these. And the other artists who made the songs also did it with me in mind. I feel very close to the songs, despite not being the composer of them. In preparation, I intervened on instruments, I asked for an accordion here, a triangle there, an expression, to change words. I asked to sing with a calmer or more open voice in some parts. I made it look more like me. I was modifying what didn’t seem so much and we arrived at a result where I was comfortable and I appropriated the songs.

Thinking about composing in the future?

I have some texts. Before studying Law, I studied Letters. I really like literature, writing, so I had a great affection for it. But as my life was very hard, I had to go after what would bring me financial return, greater security. I ended up putting it aside a lot, it was like a utopia and I couldn’t live on utopias. I had the dream of writing, be it music, books, but that lay dormant. And on “BBB” I rescued that a lot, with people saying they liked my voice, the way I talked about life. I talk to my friends what the next songs I want to write. Not that these don’t look like me, they sound like a lot, but I want to say other things I haven’t talked about yet, through music. These first ones are as if I’m feeling the ground, I’m putting my feet on the ground. The result of this is that it will direct my steps in music.

How would you define the EP “Juliette”?

I’ve always been very eclectic, despite having strong roots in regional music. I love funk, pop, I’m like that. And I see that I don’t need to label myself or limit myself. I can do something that spans multiple rhythms. “Diferença Mara” mixes a subtle accordion sound with pop and “Benzin” and “Sei lá” a reggae, a xote… We even had a discussion when we went to register the musical genre, if it was forró, if it was MPB . I said “for me, it’s MPB”, in the sense that popular music covers all regions. Popular music can be forró, is there anything more popular than forró? I don’t label myself in just one genre and I don’t even think my music needs to be in just one genre. I can mix regionality with modernity in a very beautiful way, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

Is music your main focus?

From the things I’ve done, until today, I’ve tried to do everything in the best possible way: advertising, communication, all those things about an artistic life. But the music is what touches me the most, it seems that it makes the most sense to me. Of all these artistic facets, I never imagined myself performing, advertising, but I already imagined myself singing. The purpose, the sense and the way the music communicates is more in keeping with what I believe. Of all these things, I believe music is what makes me happy. I wasn’t looking for fame, oddly enough, but I’m so grateful and happy for it. I wanted money, and thank God I’m already satisfied, and now I want happiness. And music brings it to me.

And what would be your biggest dream, within that?

I think it would be writing my songs and putting on a really big show maybe. And being an artist that people feel, get emotional, and be touched by. That’s the ultimate purpose.

How will it be at launch time?

I do not know. I think I will be crying because it was very difficult to get here. I think I’ll be waiting to see what people will feel about the songs. I’ll be researching what they felt, like this. And I’m going to be thanking God that it became real.