Justice orders SBT to pay wedding party and indemnify bride and groom

SBT was sentenced by the São Paulo Court to pay R$ 74,000 to a couple who would participate in the “Fábrica de Weddings” program.

In 2016, TP and SS signed up and were selected to participate in the reality show, in which a team of experts had the mission to prepare a wedding party within seven days.

The newlyweds wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Buffet, costumes, menu and other items for a “perfect wedding” would be supported by the production of the program, presented by Chris Flores and Carlos Bertolazzi.

The wedding was set for December 14, and the couple invited 100 people, including friends and relatives, to the party. The groom’s father lives in Spain and bought airline tickets to come with his wife to Brazil.

With only 24 days to go before the ceremony, however, when the presents were already starting to arrive, the program’s producer canceled the wedding, citing problems “with the schedule”, and, according to the couple, she stopped answering her calls.

TP and SS still looked for the buffet where the program would be recorded in order to try to keep the event, assuming the costs, but they gave up when they found the price. “Then began the ordeal and the shame of having to unmark everything,” the couple’s defense told the court.

It was necessary to notify the guests about the cancellation of the party, return gifts and even explain to the 8-year-old daughter that the long-awaited “fairy tale” wedding would no longer occur. “Due to all the humiliation and the vexatious situation, TP [a noiva] she began to have anxiety attacks,” lawyers Liliane C. Agostinho Leite and Alexandre Rossignolli, who represent the couple, told the Court.

In March 2018, the two were married civilly, but did not have the resources to hold a party. As a result of the feeling of humiliation, as reported in the process, they did not even notify their friends.

In the defense presented to the Court, the SBT stated that the event was a “donation”, which had to be “aborted for several reasons”, and not a consumer relationship in which the couple purchased and paid for a service.

“The undoing of the donation promise cannot be considered an illicit act, nor give rise to compensation,” he stated. “The courts cannot force the broadcaster to make a donation under court.”

The station also said that the couple “already had a life together, which actually mitigates the importance of the ceremony”, referring to the fact that TP and SS began living together before signing up for the program . For SBT’s defense, the process is nothing more than a “whim” of the couple.

Judge Rodrigo de Castro Carvalho did not agree with the argument. “From the moment they proposed to hold a wedding party, which is a well-known fact that it is a solemn ritual with the presence of guests and the realization of a couple’s dream, they assumed the obligation.”

The magistrate pointed out that the production of the program at no time previously warned the couple that the event could be canceled at any time.

In addition to SBT, the producer of the reality show, Formata Produções e Conteúdo was also condemned. The payment of BRL 74,000, which must be made jointly by the two companies, refers to BRL 49,000 of the costs of a party in the same place where the program would be recorded and BRL 25,000 as compensation for moral damages. The amount will also be increased by interest and monetary correction.

The broadcaster and the producer can appeal the decision.