Kaique Rocha cites learning in Europe wants to make history

Presented by Inter today (2), Kaique Rocha said he learned a lot in Europe. Featured at Santos base, the 20-year-old defender left Brazil with just 18 to work at Sampdoria, in Italy. Back, he wants to make history at the club in Rio Grande do Sul.

“The Kaique who played for Santos really liked to go out, to venture into attack. I learned to adapt, play more back, stay more like a defender, not leaving my role. Back in Italy, their first goal is not to take it. Goals. The defender has to think about defending, not conceding goals, and now I’m a much more mature and experienced player in this matter,” said the new Inter shirt 3 .

“I left Brazil very young, at 18, it wasn’t a rash decision for me. I ended up not playing much in the first team, but I played 20 games in the under-19. I’ve matured too much. Today I’m more experienced, I learned at the Italian school, which in my opinion is one of the best defensive systems. My expectations are the best possible, we will aim for the titles”, he added.

Hired on loan until the middle of 2023, he has already had a link published by the CBF’s Daily Newsletter (BID) and could make his debut in Colorado’s next match, if coach Diego Aguirre so chooses.

“I haven’t played official matches for some time, but I feel ready. I just finished a pre-season and I’m in peak physical condition. If the teacher needs to count on me, I’m ready,” he said.

And the plan is not to make Colorado a ticket back to Europe. Kaique said that he intends to stay at the club for a long time and make his name in history.

“I hope to make history. I don’t think about going back to Europe, I want to make history here. If I thought about Europe, I wouldn’t have come back to Brazil. My only goal is to make Inter fans very happy,” he concluded.