Launch of Lost Ark in the West is postponed to 2022 and Closed Beta will be held in November ⋆

It is true that, due to the IP Block for our region, many Brazilian players are not excited about the Western version of Lost Ark. However, we cannot deny that the title is a standout among MMORPGs and that the Amazon Games it has already claimed that it will “fight against the regional blockade”. So, I decided to bring some important news: the game will only be released next year. So it is! The promise of a premiere in the fall (northern hemisphere) will not be fulfilled… let’s get to the details?

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It was through a post released on the game’s official website that the postponement was confirmed. According to the text, the development team obtained a lot of data thanks to the latest technical tests and continues to work hard to make the game live up to players’ expectations. However, it seems that even this great effort will not be enough to get everything ready, according to the initial schedule. Based on that, the folks at Amazon Games and Smilegate have decided that they won’t release the adventure until the beginning of next year.

In addition, the publication also informs that a Closed Beta will be held between November 4th and 9th and that those interested in participating in the experience can now register on a registration page available on the game’s website. It is worth noting that the tests will also serve for devs to get more feedback from players, in order to help in the development processes. Logically, the IP Block issue continues to be an obstacle for many players, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on the project’s evolution.

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