Léo Ortiz, from Red Bull Bragantino, talks about a survey in Europe: ‘I don’t put it as an obsession’

Léo Ortiz, defender of Red Bull Bragantino, is one of the team’s highlights in the rise in Brazilian football since last season, playing for this year’s South American final and occupying the G4 of the Brazilian Championship. Therefore, it aroused the interest of European clubs such as Galatasaray and Lyon.

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In an interview with ‘Lance!’, the player stated that he was happy with the surveys, despite not having materialized in proposals, but he emphasized that he leaves these situations to his representatives. In addition, Léo Ortiz said it won’t be a frustration if he doesn’t play in Europe, because despite being a desire, it’s not an obsession.

I’m very happy when these things happen, but I try to leave it to my manager. I’m in a club with a fantastic structure, competing on equal terms with the big ones. I’ve always said that I want to play in Europe, but I don’t put it as an obsession, I won’t get frustrated if that doesn’t happen, but it’s something I work on. As well as the quest to return to the national team, going to Europe goes along the same lines, of being at a high level. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. I have to continue my work and evolve more and more”.

On the subject of the Brazilian team, the 25-year-old defender was called up by Tite in the last Copa América after Felipe, from Atlético Madrid, was cut due to a knee injury. For him, it was a “sensational opportunity”.

“It was an incredible experience for me, being able to live with guys that I admire and follow as references, like Thiago Silva and Marquinhos. They’ve been at a high level for a long time. It’s good to be with them and acquire this kind of experience. This call-up is extremely important, especially in a competition as big as the Copa América. Experiencing this national team environment was a great learning experience and I will take it for the rest of my career,” concluded Ortiz.