Luísa Sonza is detonated by netizens after interview: ‘No education’

The singer Luísa Sonza was the target of criticism by some internet users after giving a live interview to the podcast “Pod Delas”, this Thursday afternoon (2). This happened because, some internet users who followed the interview, pointed out a possible rude behavior of the singer with the interviewers.

At a certain point in the interview, Tata Estaniecki Cocielo wanted to know when Luísa Sonza will release her new video, “Anaconda”. In a relaxed way, singer Vitão’s ex-girlfriend replied: “It doesn’t matter”: What was the most expensive video you’ve made?” asked the presenter. “Turbo Mode, 1 million and a half”, replied without thinking, Luisa Sonza.

And continued: “But Anaconda is already at almost 1 million”. Cocielo’s wife then interrupted with a question: “When will it release?”, it was at that moment that Luísa Sonza replied “You don’t care”, smiling. “I was trying to help you, ok? I’m trying, but nothing happens here love”. Spoke the talk show host addressing the audience who followed the live.

On social networks, Internet users reacted: “I found Luísa Sonza so thick in poddelas. I try, but I can’t”, confessed a netizen. “I’m so shocked that luisa sonza is being rude and rude of poddelas that disgusts”, criticized another. “Wow, luisa sonza is very thick credo”, said another netizen on her Twitter profile.

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In the live broadcast of the interview on Youtube, some viewers who watched the live also complained: “Luísa is so dry in the answers”, complained a fan in the comments. “I’m finding it a bit arrogant, I didn’t even need to”, pointed out another viewer of the podcast Pod Delas.

“THE mine being a coarse millstone with tata dps is making drama that people fall on her in Insta“, opined another viewer of the talk show. Some internet users who followed the live also defended Luísa, declaring that she was playing with the communicator and that the two were longtime friends.

In the same interview, Luísa Sonza, who is single, revealed that she never had difficulties in finding suitors even before she became famous: “I never had a problem with these things. I never took those stops there. But it’s because I’ve dated almost my whole life”, explained the interpreter of “The Cliff”.

And he continued: “I had a relationship of three years, one of five (with Whindersson Nunes) and now one of one (with singer Vitão). The three-year-old was at school, in my city (…) There is contact with people in my city (Tuparendi, in RS). With him (ex, Vinicius) too. We talk straight“, said Luísa Sonza.

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