Luiz Otávio admits “surprise” with a change in command of Ceará and praises Tiago Nunes

One of the leaders of the Ceará squad, defender Luiz Otávio admitted that he was surprised with the change in command, but praised the new coach and highlighted the free period for training under the guidance of the new technical committee. The 32-year-old defender said that Tiago Nunes was well received by the cast and aims to adapt to the new game model.

Last Sunday, 29, after the 2-0 loss to América-MG, by Serie A, Alvinegro fired Guto Ferreira, who spent more than a year in the position. The following day, he announced an agreement until the end of 2022 with Tiago Nunes, who performed on Wednesday, 1st, and began work in Porangabuçu.

“We were taken by surprise too, but life goes on. This is normal, unfortunately, in Brazilian football. I don’t know if it will stop here or not, I think as the CBF adopted to have two coaches a year, in the maximum, helped to praise the work of the coaches, who have more time to stay in the position and present the work. About Tiago’s arrival, the group received him very well, because what we preach and I always say is buy the idea of ​​who is in charge. Today it is Tiago, we have to buy his idea of ​​work, try to do our best to help him. If there is no cooperation from the players, there is no way for him to develop the work”, pondered the shirt 13.

After playing at Athletico-PR, Corinthians-SP and Grêmio-RS, the 41-year-old from Rio Grande do Sul takes over from Vovô following the Brazilian Championship.

“Tiago came to add up with us. He took the opportunity and, no different from me or any other player when he arrived in Ceará, his intention is to make history, take the club where it hasn’t, conquer things it hasn’t achieved yet. . He came very hungry to work and get the best out of us,” said Luiz Otávio.

The new technical committee will have as its trump card the preparation time until the next appointment: with the postponement of the match against Palmeiras-SP, Ceará will only return to the field on the next 12th, against Grêmio-RS, in Porto Alegre, for the 20th round of the Brasileirão. Tiago Nunes, therefore, will have about ten days of work before meeting the former club again.

“Frankly, even for the moment of the change of coach, for me it’s positive. There will be time for us to better understand the work of Professor Tiago, who is arriving now. His method of work, the form, everything he’s going to teach. for us and wanting to add. For that we need time and in football, we often don’t have that time. So we’ll have these two weeks to assimilate as soon as possible to try to put everything or a good part into practice. We have to try to do our best and understand faster and faster his method of working”, said the defender.

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