Lula fan club Gil do Vigor and Bolsonaro pin: “chipped Brazil”

Lula da Silva and Gil do Vigor (Reproduction/Youtube)
Lula da Silva and Gil do Vigor (Reproduction/Youtube)

Special guest of the Triangulando program, presented by Thelma Assisi, winner of BBB 20, former president Lula da Silva did not hide his admiration for the ex-BBB Gil of Vigor.

During the attraction, which also featured the singer Linn da Quebrada and Celso Athayde, CEO of Favela Holding and founder of CUFA, Lula entered into debate about the political situation in Brazil, as well as issues such as education and rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

At a certain point in the interview, Lula took the opportunity to criticize the government of President Jair Bolsonaro and reflected on the state of poverty in the country. In a stab, he used the staff of the ex-BBB from Pernambuco.

“They brought down Dilma and everything got worse in this country, and when I see you [Thelma], and I see our companion Gil, I’m proud, because, Gil, the country is not chipped, this government is chipping the country. But graduate and come back here to help the policy of solidarity and fraternity,” Lula asked.

Always making a point of highlighting his humble origins, Gil confessed his admiration for Lula and how much he is grateful for the changes generated in your government, which became important to his success in his academic career.

“I came from a public school, today I’m on a PhD, this would never have been possible if someone hadn’t understood back there the importance of bringing the poor to where they should be. I am extremely passionate and grateful for the government of President Lula, who thought of those who needed it”, he declared.

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At the end of August Gil do Vigor was one of the guests of the show Criança Esperança (TV Globo), where he took the opportunity to perform one more talk about the importance of investing in education.

In addition, Gil was thrilled to make a harsh account of part of his childhood. The economist, who at the time was preparing to embark for his PHD in the United States, stated that he has already had to live on the street with his family.

“I also got to be on the streets, and it’s a really bad feeling to look at people and not know how you’re going to eat, how you’re going to get somewhere and the perspective we have of the future… Today, I can’t even believe what I live,” he said.

“Education is my life, that’s what kept me going. It made me believe that I could dream, because for some people, dreaming is very expensive. I knew that education could transform my life. Being here today, talking about it, and knowing that Saturday (8/28) I’m going to do my PhD, there’s a movie in my head because I was a public school student.”, said Gil do Vigor.

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