Maicon was fired from the club; understand the reason!

Credit: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA

Maicon’s departure, announced by Grêmio last Monday as a common agreement, still stirs backstage. According to the information gathered by the behind-the-scenes report, the story is not as disclosed by the club’s note. According to sources, the dismissal of Maicon was proposed by the direction and the player just accepted.

The “dismissal”, as required by the rules, will be paid in full. Grêmio will bear all the remaining amounts of the contract, which lasted until December 2021. In other words, R$ 3 million. The argument used in the club’s corridors for action is: there was no more atmosphere. Some leaders claim that Maicon was “complaining too much” about the work being carried out. The idea of ​​leaving had already been discussed among the directors at the beginning of the season, after the club’s elimination in the Copa Libertadores da América. The incident against Corinthians, last Saturday, was just “the last straw”.

Maicon hasn’t manifested yet

From Rio de Janeiro, where he went to enjoy the break and in the expectation of returning to re-introduce himself to Grêmio’s work, Maicon did not comment on his departure. He just posted a message to fans on his Instagram thanking the club’s six-year history. According to the testimony of the athlete’s staff, the steering wheel asked no one to comment on the case. The former Grêmio captain wishes to give an interview in the coming days to state his position. So far, no one knows the content of the speech.

Maicon’s manager, Jorge Machado, has given interviews stating that, in fact, the player’s dismissal was a common agreement, as stated in Grêmio’s official statement. However, the official version presented is not supported by both sides behind the scenes. On the social network, the athlete’s wife commented on the farewell post made by him with the phrase “you deserved much more than this”.


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