Makes sense? Microsoft would be planning an Xbox Series S with a disc player [RUMOR]

Saints Row game cover casts consumer doubts about launching a new model

A peculiar detail appeared in the image listed for game reboot Saints Row for the consoles Xbox. On the cover is indicating that the game on physical media will run on Xbox Series X and S, which made users wonder if a disc player version for the cheaper version of the console might be coming or if it was just an error in the production of the image.

To contextualize the situation, it happens that in several retailers the game cover used for the promotion of the product in physical media is marked for Xbox Series X and S, something that doesn’t happen simply because of the most basic version, the Xbox Series S, does not have an entry for disks.

The standard used by companies is to place only the signaling for Xbox Series X in physical games, as seen below in the cover comparison of Saints Row with the one of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. However, we have to consider that the game is on pre-sale and will be released only in February 2022 and this detail may have been just a mistake when preparing the model that would be sent to retailers to promote the game.

But would a disc version for the Xbox Series S? From the beginning to Microsoft positioned the cheapest new generation console as a product that was launched to make the new generation accessible to consumers, as well as enabling people who want a console to run on televisions Full HD they also had an option. However, one of the company’s great advertisements is the possibility of buyers of the models have access to all games from Xbox Game Pass on the console, which would provide a guaranteed financial return for the company.

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Many consumers would even like a version all-digital Xbox Series X, as they do not see the need for a disc slot and only use digital games, in addition to the desire to pay cheaper as happens on the side of the Sony with the Digital Edition of Playstation 5 which brings the same hardware removing the disk drive for $100 less.

What do you think of the possibility of a Xbox Series S with Disc Slot? Participate in the comments with your opinion!

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