Marcos Mion is barred at Globo’s headquarters and jokes: ”I have a signed contract”

The presenter Marcos Mion reported on social networks that he was barred at Globo’s headquarters in São Paulo

Marcos Mion (42) was hired by TV Globo to lead the cauldron, and before debuting at the new network, he traveled to São Paulo to undergo some medical exams and finalize the hiring process.

Excited, the presenter recorded some videos on Instagram Stories this Thursday afternoon, 2nd, to talk about his visit to Globo’s headquarters in São Paulo, however, he ended up being surprised when he was barred from entering.

“I can’t believe that this will finally happen. You don’t know how many and how many times I’ve passed in front of Globo, in São Paulo, and I just looked. I’ve even sent a photo to Boninho like: ‘Oh, I’m here at the door, can I come in and sign the contract?’ kidding. I’m going to take a medical exam. I’ve never done that”, started.

Next, Mion was directed by security to enter through the employees’ premises, but was stopped because his cacha was not registered. “Look how things are, my name tag doesn’t have a license plate and I got a little stamp here. I’m still stuck at the door because my badge doesn’t have a license plate. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I’m not going to give up.”, he said, who joked: “I have a signed contract, but they are right, right? Of course, you have to check everything”, he added.

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Also during the videos he recorded on Instagram’s Stories, Marcos Mion told his followers that the only time he was at Globo’s headquarters in São Paulo was to watch a recording of Faust Silva (71). “I went in, I came in, I only came here once for Fausto’s recording, to watch it, but now I’m under contract”, celebrated.

Afterwards, the presenter also showed some images at the clinic where he would undergo the medical examinations and ended up saying that he was very well received by the station’s employees. “Very well. Medical examination done… I went there to see the “Show of the Famous” studios [do “Domingão com Huck”] and the reception that everyone has with me is very special. It is very different. People come to take a picture and give a different word. It’s a great affection.”

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