Mariana Rios promises to surprise at the new ‘Show of the Famous’: ”I’ll surrender”

In an exclusive conversation, the actress and singer spoke about her participation in the frame that will rock the new ‘Domingão’, on Globo

Actress, singer, model, writer, digital influencer. There are many and varied facets that make up Minas Gerais Mariana Rios (36).

Confirmed in the cast of the new Show of the Famous, one of the main bets of the Sunday with Luciano Huck (41) on Globo’s screen, the artist is super excited about the invitation that, being her, was made by the presenter himself.

In an exclusive interview with Digital GUYS, Mariana Rios spoke a little about her next professional challenge, her preparation to shine in the dispute, and also guaranteed that she will appear in a way that people have never seen before.

“Luciano told me about the painting, he said he really wanted me to participate, and I was super happy, for being an opportunity to bring people joy, have fun too, that’s my purpose here. I’m super excited to get started” , declared the actress that she will start her first rehearsals next week.

“My intention is to have fun. I’ll surrender, rehearse a lot, I’ll do my best, as I always do with everything I have. Of course it’s a very big challenge, in every way, but you’ll be happy, laughing at yourself, honoring great artists with emotion, that’s what counts. Emotion and joy for people”, she added that she kept secret the celebrities that she will honor in the painting.

“I can’t say anything! It will be a mixture of everything. I, with the production, chose people that I admire and also heard the indication of other people that I hadn’t even thought of”, she said that she was already in the reality musical popstar, in 2017.

Asked about the main trump cards that she should use to go far in the dispute, the famous woman assured that she is not a competitive person and that her main objective will be fun.

“I’m not a competitive person. Zero! I like to do things for myself, dedicate myself and have pleasure. Having a moment of joy. We’ll have amazing people there. I don’t think about the next phases and nothing! I really think about the tributes, in each presentation , in what I’m going to take to people”, Mariana said that she will face artists like fiuk (30), Gloria Groove (26), Wanessa Camargo (38), Margareth Menezes (58), among others.

“I hope people like it. I will do all kinds of characters to be honored. People have no idea what I’m going to do. My fans can expect something they would never expect from me. That’s why I wanted to do it!”, she assured.

“Next week, my rehearsals will begin. I’m already studying my first performance. Everything is giving me butterflies. Making the person’s voice, the grimaces, lending their body to be someone else. The best way to honor and you borrowing… It’s not me, it’s not what I would do. That’s a hardship,” she explained that she was already a fan of the Show of the Famous.

“I remember Tiago Abravanel doing Elton John, I loved it. Mumuzinho rocked, Ludmilla rocked too! Several artists rocked a lot. It’s a challenge for the artist to do! Detach a little from you, from your ego, to be somewhere else” , commented.

Besides the challenge on Domingão with Luciano Huck, Mariana Rios recently released a special EP, composed of songs for God. In addition, the actress has just finished recording a participation in the youth series Back at 15, one of Netflix’s upcoming national productions.

Check out an excerpt of one of the songs from Mariana Rios’ latest EP!

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