Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Card mechanics and game details are revealed

The game will have customizable protagonist hero, something unheard of in Marvel games

Initially presented with a cinematic at Gamescom 2021, Marvel’s Midnight Suns won a gameplay trailer revealing turn-based battles. The trailer of just over six minutes shows how combat works, in addition to the story and relationship mechanics with the heroes.

For the first time in a Marvel game, it will be possible create and customize your own hero. This created hero, who is the protagonist, was the one to defeat the game’s threat, Lilith, mother of demons, centuries ago. The villain, this time, was brought back by the well-known Hydra through science and black magic. The protagonist is resurrected by the Marvel heroes after centuries to help them against this threat.

The game will have a hub, which will work inside a cathedral, where all the heroes will stay between one mission and another. In this place it will be possible interact with each of them, something important, since the relationship ties can be tightened, unlocking new skills. It is possible to walk inside the hub to interact with NPCs and things, something not very common in the genre, where this type of situation happens more through menus.

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The battle system will be in turns, as we already know, but using cards, which will be the heroes’ abilities. Each hero will have its own skill set which will vary according to your fighting style. Combos involving multiple fighters and even submissions will be part of the fights.

In each fight, it will be possible to take together with the protagonist two more Marvel heroes. According to the trailer, the cards offer a wide variety of tactical choices, being more effective when combined with elements of the scenery in your favor. Some specific abilities will depend on the relationships built between battles.

About the letters, after the release of this trailer, the Twitter profile of Marvel’s Midnight Suns responded to a query about micro transactions involving the cards. The profile made it clear that “will not have loot boxes” in the game or “any micro transaction related to getting more cards“. Only cosmetic items will be on sale.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is being developed by Firaxis Games, responsible for the XCOM franchise, and will be distributed by 2K Games. The game arrives in March 2022 for all available platforms. A fight between the protagonist and Wolverine against Sabretooth will be revealed on September 7th.


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Via: GameSpot