Meet the singer who started her career in SC and spent R$ 45 million for Xuxa’s house

The artist was highlighted this week by buying the presenter’s luxury residence in Rio de Janeiro

The singer Karinah was one of the most talked about subjects this week after buying, along with her husband, a R$ 45 million house that belonged to the presenter Xuxa and is one of the most luxurious properties in Rio de Janeiro.

But whoever is from Joinville, in the North of Santa Catarina, had known the singer for much longer. Born in Curitiba, it was on Santa Catarina soil that the artist, known at the time as Karina K, released several of her works.

Karinah walked a large part of her career in Santa Catarina –  Photo: InternetKarinah walked a large part of her career in Santa Catarina – Photo: Internet

It was in Joinville, for example, that in 2007 she performed with Ivete Sangalo after being invited by the singer from Bahia to share the stage in the presentation of “When the rain passes”. The idea was that Karinah would just open the show for the axé star, but Ivete called her to join the duet.

In a trajectory of over 15 years, she has participated in a musical talent show broadcast on national television, headlined bands and grew until Karina K became Karinah, now 40 years old.

And the work of so many years has placed the singer as one of the exponents of pagode and samba artists today. With the participation of singer Belo, she released the single “At the end of the world”, which left her in first place in the music charts in the second half.

Marriage to Diether Werninghaus

At a luxurious party hosted by Dudu Nobre at Copacabana Palace, Karinah said yes to Santa Catarina businessman Diether Werninghaus in 2013. Together, they have a pair of twins – the singer also has two other children, the result of previous relationships.

The businessman is one of the heirs of the WEG family, a company from Jaraguá do Sul that manufactures motors, transformers and energy generators. In 2014, when he debuted on the Forbes magazine list, Diether’s fortune was valued at R$ 6.10 billion and he remains in the ranking.

In fact, he is not the only one in the family to be among the richest in the world: his daughter, Anne Marie, has assets of US$ 1.1 billion. It is WEG’s largest shareholder and also operates in other segments.

The purchase of Xuxa’s house

The house where presenter Xuxa Meneghel lived in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio, was on sale for three years and was bought by the couple from Santa Catarina for R$ 45 million.

Casa da Xuxa was bought by a couple from Santa Catarina –  Photo: DisclosureCasa da Xuxa was bought by a couple from Santa Catarina – Photo: Disclosure

The residence has 2,626 m² and includes five suites, a winter garden, a gourmet kitchen, a six-car garage, a housekeeper’s suite and two basement rooms, as well as other spaces that include a swimming pool, garden and kennel.

The presenter must stay in place for another 60 days before the arrival of the new owners, who already have another mansion in Rio.

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