Menon: Murilo Becker, the MVP who beats women – 02/09/2021

Murilo Becker is a “Cincão”. That strong pivot – he is 2m08 and 115 kilos – which is in the fight – and puts a fight there – for rebounds his greatest characteristic. A little outside current basketball, in which players like Lucas Mariano – 2m09 and 120 kilos – leave the painted area and have great use in three shots.

The peak of Murilo’s career was in 2004, when he was elected MVP of the championship. In 12 years of career, he averages 13.9 points and 6.8 rebounds.

To get 7 rebounds per game you have to fight a lot. And Murilo, retired, now uses all his expertise to beat women. In Patrícia Pontes, his ex-partner, mother of his four children, all with cerebral palsy.

It felt like a beautiful and painful love story. Confirmation of in vitro fertilization came on the same day from a very rare feat: Murilo had converted a three-point shot. It looked like a sign. I read this article a long time ago, in Marie Claire. Murilo was painted as a loving, present and very dedicated father.

Now, Patricia says that when she complained about Murilo being with her children and her current partner when it was time to return the children on Father’s Day, she was thrown a tennis shoe in the face. Murilo shoes must be 47.

And then a punch in the face. One more punch. He went to the ground. One, two, three, how many kicks. The beating stopped when his daughter, Murilo’s ex-stepdaughter, crying a lot, asked for everything to stop.

On Instagram, she reported the case. He spoke of successive betrayals, with women and a transvestite and how he became absent, including financially, after the separation.

Murilo does not speak.

While we lived through these dramas, a deputy received in his office the husband of Maria da Penha, the woman who was beaten so much and whose name came to name the law that protects women.

I wanted to hear the other side. They took pictures together, the deputy and the aggressor.

There is still a lot to do to make our country safe for women and black people. Or black women. Or lesbian woman. Or lesbian and black woman. And poor men and women. And black.