Mion makes fun after being barred at Globo SP headquarters: ‘I have a contract’

New host of “Caldeirão”, Marcos Mion, 42 years old, traveled to São Paulo to undergo medical exams for the conclusion of the procedures for his hiring on Rede Globo, this afternoon, and ended up surprised when he arrived at the station’s headquarters. : has been barred.

I’m not believing that this will finally happen. You don’t know how many and how many times I’ve passed in front of Globo, in São Paulo, and I just looked. I’ve even sent a photo to Boninho like this: ‘Oh, I’m here at the door, can I come in and sign the contract?’ joking. I’m going to have a medical exam. Never did it. he told, through stories, on Instagram.

Mion says that badge did not allow entry to Globo in São Paulo - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Mion says badge did not allow entry to Globo in São Paulo

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Then, the presenter showed a security guard calling him to enter Globo de São Paulo through the employees’ location, but, in the end, he was barred. All because his badge had no active registration.

“Look how things are, my name tag doesn’t have a license plate and I got a little stamp here. I’m still stuck at the door because my badge doesn’t have a license plate. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I’m not going to give up,” he added, and he joked that he knew it wouldn’t be easy to enter a place he’s always dreamed of.

I have a signed contract, but they are right, right? Of course, you have to check everything.

After obtaining clearance to enter, Marcos Mion celebrated having returned to the place he had only stepped on once in his life to watch a recording of Fausto Silva.

I joined, I joined, I only came here once for Fausto’s recording, to watch, but now I’m hired. The guy gave me the instructions and I’m already lost, I’m lost in the parking lot. I will be embarrassed.

The host of “Caldeirão” also showed images of his visit to the clinic for audiometric tests and ended by saying that he was moved by the affection of the station’s employees.

Very well. Medical examination done… I went there to see the studio of the “Show of the Famous” [do “Domingão com Huck”] and the reception that everyone has with me is very special. It is very different. People come to take a picture and give a different word. It’s a great affection.

“Living a dream”

Marcos Mion’s happiness of being part of TV Globo’s cast is contagious! The presenter will take the “Cauldron” from this Saturday (4) until the end of December this year, and says he is making a big dream come true.

In an interview with “O Globo”, he told a little about how this experience is being. “I’m really dazzled, living a dream of my professional life. But it’s genuine,” he pointed out.

Eager for the production’s debut, he promises to deliver a program with humor and a lot of happiness: “People can expect fun, laughter, joy, high spirits, which I like to do. We came from a very painful period, of suffering. The conceptual objective of the program is to be part of this moment of resuming the smile”.

Marcos Mion talks about presenting Caldeirão - Press Release TV Globo - Press Release TV Globo

Marcos Mion talks about introducing the Caldeirão

Image: TV Globo Disclosure