Monique Evans celebrates Barbara Evans’ pregnancy: ‘Special day’

Monique Evans spoke for the first time after confirming that her daughter, Barbara Evans, is pregnant. Through Instagram, the former model and presenter was moved by the news, and said she cried a lot with the news.

“All swollen from crying. It’s a special day! It’s true! I’m going to be a grandma again! I’m super, mega happy. I already knew a few days ago, but we wanted to be sure, wait a bit, for her to post the videos everyone like she’s been doing,” she began in a video posted on Stories from her Instagram account.

She also took the opportunity to ask her followers to pray for her daughter’s pregnancy. “Pray a lot. This blessing is an amazing thing, but we have to pray a lot for him or for her. He needs to receive love from you.”

Monique also recalled that, like Barbara, she needed treatment to get pregnant. “History repeats itself! How I dreamed of having Barbara! It was difficult. After many injections, procedures, I had my much-desired test tube baby. Now she went through all that and God blessed. IVF worked! I’m going to be a grandmother again ! Happiness took over our lives! People, I’m just love! I’m not fitting me,” he concluded.

Barbara Evans announced this morning the pregnancy of her first child, after completing the fertilization process. The moment of discovery was recorded and shared with internet users on his Instagram profile.

“Guys, I never thought this waiting was so difficult, but I have faith. I’m shaking from head to foot,” began the video. “Wow, my dream is to be written there pregnant,” she continued while waiting for the completion of the pregnancy test. Seconds later, Evans took the test and cried with the result: pregnant.

“I don’t believe my God, it worked. I don’t believe it,” said Evans upon seeing the positive test.

Following the video, the champion of “A Fazenda 6” (Record TV) showed the surprise she made to her husband, Gustavo Theodoro, to announce her pregnancy. The model put the result on the boy’s table napkin.

“Barbrinha. My God, I didn’t expect it,” said the businessman hugging his wife and showering her with kisses.