Nanny who jumped from a building says he was hungry in his boss’s apartment

Raiane Ribeiro, a nanny who jumped from the third floor of a building in Salvador to escape the abuse she suffered by Melina França, said that, in addition to the aggressions committed by her boss, recorded in a video released yesterday, she was also hungry during hours of service and even passed out.

Despite knowing the importance of the images for the conduct of the investigation into the case, Raiane admitted that he prefers not to see them. “It’s very sad to go through what I went through, so it’s very hard to see. I can’t even see it,” the woman said, citing the “despair” she felt while working at Melina’s house.

According to Raiane, the attacks shown in the video were unleashed after she told her boss that she “would leave”. She also revealed that she did not lock herself in the bathroom, from where she jumped, to avoid further aggression, but that she was placed there by Melina herself, who was trying to keep her in prison.

Asked why she didn’t react to the blows given by her boss, Raiane said she didn’t have the “structure” to respond to the attacks and, therefore, only defended herself. “In a moment of despair, I just wanted to get out of there,” he said.

At one point in the video, the attacks are so great that the nanny even faints. According to her, this happened not only because of the intensity of the blows she suffered, but also because she didn’t drink anything and was not well fed.

“There is no body that can withstand being without food, without drinking and still being beaten. I remember that my head started to spin and I was unable to breathe properly.”

Raiane also said he did not know a third woman, who appears in the video, asking Melina to stop the aggressions. “She doesn’t stop me, doesn’t ask for help, doesn’t take me away, doesn’t do anything. She lets me go all the time,” he said.

Although Raiane has already left Salvador, where she lived only to work at Melina’s house, she said she needed to go to the capital frequently, due to the ongoing investigations. As she has no relatives in town, she says the comings and goings have not been easy, making her life “complicated”: