Neto detonates Huck and says the presenter is being ungrateful to the Band

Neto returned to cause during the presentation of the program “Os Donos da Bola”. The band commentator, who is also a commentator, doesn’t like Luciano Huck’s attitude at all, and he uttered the words against Angelica’s husband. The former Corinthians player said that the presenter of “Domingão com Huck” is being ungrateful to his former broadcaster.

It’s becoming routine. Neto, who presents a sports program on Band, doesn’t miss an opportunity to escape the pertinent subject of attraction to criticize events that are happening in the television world. This time, it was up to Luciano Huck. According to the former athlete, the presenter of Rede Globo is saying little about the Band, scorning important moments in its beginnings on television.

Live, Neto criticized the former presenter of the program “Caldeirão do Huck” and sent a message to Angelica’s husband. The Band commentator spoke about the importance of the São Paulo network in Luciano’s career: “Oh, Luciano Huck, let me tell you something: ‘Aren’t you going to thank Band?’ The Band was so important to you, you have no idea“.

Last Sunday (29), Huck granted an interview to Fantástico and spoke about the new phase of his career with the mission of running a Sunday attraction, at the time that belonged to Fausto Silva. The animator made a brief retrospective of the past, recalled moments of tension he lived with his family and also about his career.

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The interview seems not to have pleased the former football player, who uttered the word against Huck. grandson questioned the presenter’s speech, who said that these days he wouldn’t put the two sexy characters, who made an epoch on his show “H”, on Band: “There, you said about Joana Prado and Suzana Alves. You had to have, at the very least, the gratitude to speak their names”.

Neto continued to criticize the posture of the presenter of “Domingão com Huck” and said that the characters Tiazinha and Feiticeira were very important to the animator’s success: “If it weren’t for both, you wouldn’t have the success you’ve had here at Band. Did you understand? I don’t want to speak their names. I want to speak their names as people”.

Recently, Neto spared no words to criticize the former Corinthians player for participating in the program “The Masked Singer Brasil”, broadcast by Rede Globo. According to the presenter of “Os Donos da Bola”, it was all a joke: “I’m not going to do that clowning that Marcelinho Carioca did on TV Globo: the guy being dressed as a coconut tree? Did the guys invite you to this? Are you kidding? Excuse me. Sent really bad”.

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