NVIDIA 510.06 driver for Windows 11 Insiders cuts support for GeForce 700 “Kepler” GPUs

In addition to the GPUs, the driver ends support for Windows 7 and 8

A few months ago, the NVIDIA announced the end of support for Kepler GPUs through drivers as of august 31. Drivers without this support are officially expected in October with the 500 series of drivers. But the version 510.06 is already running with Maxwell and Pascal support, without Kepler.

the driver 510.06 WLS (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is being distributed through the program Insiders for Windows 11 Users. It’s possible download this version of the driver manually and also works on Windows 10. the driver has 894MB and no changes to NVIDIA’s control panel (which has been the same for nearly 20 years) or GeForce Experience interface.

The file containing the information still lists the GTX 900 Maxwell GPUs in addition to the GTX 10 Pascal. At Kepler-based GTX 700 not really part of driver-supported GPUs anymore, but Maxwell-based video cards of this generation (GTX 750 Ti and GTX 750) still appear in the list.

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The 510.06 driver comes with new runtime compilers named “nvcompilernext64.dll and nvcompilernext32.dll” which, according to speculation, must be used by Ada Lovelace GPUs, codename for the GeForce RTX 40.

In addition to the end of support for Kepler GPUs, the new driver also ends Windows 7/8/8.1 support from now on. The last driver supporting the video cards in question, in addition to these versions of the Microsoft operating system, is version 470, and the 495 driver being the first to no longer support it.

With NVIDIA’s decision, all GTX 600 GPUs, almost the entire GTX 700 family (with the exception of the GTX 750 Ti and 750) and Titan are off the new driver list. GPUs that were once kings of their times, such as the dual GPU GTX 690, GTX 780 Ti and the Titan series, have already lost their majesty.

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According to NVIDIA, the vast majority of its customers have already migrated to Windows 10, which justifies the end of support for the aforementioned Windows versions. As for the Kepler GPUs, launched in 2012, the owner of GeForce said that support for new technologies such as DLSS and DX12 Ultimate is the company’s focus.


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Via: VideoCardz