NVIDIA CMP 170HX mining board appears in photos, GPU up to 164 MH/s

This model is different from others that use design from partner manufacturers

NVIDIA CMP (CryptoMining Processor) GPUs are the recent solution that the manufacturer has released in recent months to professional mining. So far, the models that carry this chip had the default design found on GeForce. The new board of this line, the CMP 170HX, has a totally different design with passive dissipation, according to the photos shown on a Chinese website.

The CMP 170HX is basically a NVIDIA A100 accelerator GPU refurbished for mining purpose. The card has no video connection ports and therefore no other use (such as playing games, for example). According to Videocardz, NVIDIA is using GA100 GPUs that didn’t achieve the necessary result to become an accelerator board and ended up turning into mining GPUs.

The CMP 170HX mining plate has 4480 CUDA cores, 54% of the amount found on the complete GA100 chip. The accelerator board A100 has 6912 CUDA cores, which are 84% of the active cores on this chip. Memories have been considerably reduced. While some models A100 have 40GB or 80GB, a CMP 170HX only count with 8GB HBM2e memory with a maximum bandwidth of 1,493 GB/s.

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The GPU-Z data shows that the card operates with frequencies from 1140 MHz to 1410 MHz and, in this case, you are using the driver July 471.41. To ensure that the board do not be used for other purposes, NVIDIA readMited the PCIe interface for version 1 and 4 lanes, even if physically the board has 16 lanes. This would create a lot of bottlenecks in any type of workload.

In addition BIOS version used does not support memory overclocking, which blocks any attempt to optimize mining. Even though memory is the most important thing in mining, the CMP 170HX will operate the way it left the factory, assuming no one can find alternative means, which is unlikely.

In a real test using the Ethash algorithm, the GPU offers up to 164 MH/s consuming 250W without any configuration or optimization, as described in the board’s datasheet. The result is much better than the average achieved by GeForce RTX 3090 at 120 MH/s consuming close to 300W.


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Via: VideoCardz