Off-duty police react and kill assailant in Piracicaba (SP), says PM

Now it’s 20h and the PIRANOT enters on duty to inform that this Thursday afternoon (2nd) a man died when clashing with the Military Police in Piracicaba (SP).

According to the PIRANOT, the crime was on Rua Paschoal Barsottini, in Jardim Oriente, around 4:15 pm.

Read below, in full, the note from the Military Police on this case:

On today’s date, a Military Police Officer in civilian clothes and off duty, witnessed a theft in progress, and after following the individuals, the driver of the fleeing vehicle tried to hit the policeman’s car, which he managed to dodge. And when he verbalized identifying himself as an agent of the law, the violator of the law drew a gun, and the unjust aggression was repelled. All administrative measures are being taken.

The policeman is doing well.

Until this time of duty there are no other details and information.