Offered to Grêmio, Argentinian goalscorer becomes a rival in the fight against relegation

Argentine striker Mauro Zárate, who was offered to Grêmio a few days ago, made a deal with América-MG and will be the tricolor’s rival in the fight against relegation. The player has spells in Inter Milan, Lazio, Fiorentina and Boca Juniors. He hit a short contract and will earn much less than he initially intended.

The 34-year-old player was at Boca Juniors since 2017, where he was two-time champion of the Argentine Championship. The player asked for around R$12.9 million per season or R$1.1 million per month to sign with a Brazilian team. At América-MG you will certainly not receive even half of that.

Player offered to Grêmio becomes a rival against relegation

Coelho can’t stay in Serie A for two consecutive seasons since the 1970s, excluding participation in the João Havelange Cup. This time, the management is opening the vault to bring interesting names and who knows how to guarantee the maintenance of the elite.

In addition to the player offered to Grêmio, coach Vagner Mancini has 14 other forwards at his disposal. In the last matches the team has played with four men in front: Ademir, Felipe Azevedo and Fabrício Daniel are the starters and another 11 names dispute the last spot.

Mauro Zárate arrives to be the team’s reference. He should form a partnership with Berrío, a former Flamengo who was hired on July 9th and was in physical recovery until his debut.

América-MG has 18 points, they beat Ceará in the last round and overcame Grêmio. It’s the same score as Bahia, which is out of the Z4 for the highest number of victories. So, Mauro Zárate will be the direct rival of the tricolor from Rio Grande do Sul in this fight against Serie B.

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Image: Divulgation/ America-MG