One Piece is advancing “faster than imagined”, says editor

On the eve of the release of Volume 100 of ‘One Piece‘ at Weekly Shonen Jump, Yuuji Iwasaki, editor of the work, gave an interview to Sankei News and had the chance to comment on the story’s advances.

Iwasaki believes that, “history is moving faster than we ever imagined. I have a strong feeling it’s getting close to completion, with more and more mysteries to be uncovered each week.”

It is worth remembering that Eiichiro Oda, creator of the work, said recently that he sees the story being completed in four or five years. It seems there is a commitment to meeting this deadline.

Iwasaki added that the bow Wanokuni is coming to a climax, explaining, “When I talk to Oda-san, we always discuss the end of the story. Wanokuni’s climax is coming. So all that’s left is to move on.”

One Piece is a creation of Eiichiro Oda and began its serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump gives Shueisha in 1997. It has since been compiled into over 90 volumes and has been a commercial and critical success around the world, with many of the volumes breaking print records in Japan.

The manga even set a Guinness Book world record for the most published copies of the same comic book by a single author, and is the world’s best-selling manga series, with more than 490 million copies sold.

In Brazil, the anime adaptation of One Piece is available simultaneously with the release of new episodes in Japan on the platform crunchyroll. The first arc can also be seen with dubbing in the Netflix.