Out of more than half of the games since 2020, Rodrigo Caio aims to end a series of physical problems

The recovery of Rodrigo Caio is one of Flamengo’s goals in the period without games due to the South American Qualifiers. The defensive system, questioned, has better numbers with the shirt 3. In addition, the work of biomechanical and muscle rebalancing he is going through aims to put an end to the particular drama experienced by the athlete since 2020 at the club.

The series of physical problems and injuries took Rodrigo Caio from more than half of Flamengo’s games since the beginning of last season. If the team from Gávea took the field 106 times with the main group, the defender was the starter in 48. Thus, he was only on the field in 45.2% of the matches played by Fla.

In the 2020 season, Rodrigo Caio played 32 games for Flamengo – all as a starter. The defender was listed for three other matches, in which he was on the bench and was not used by the coaches. Therefore, shirt 3 participated in only 48.48%. of the 66 commitments that the club performed with the first team.

The absences were due to: cut in the right knee, in January 2020 (three games); injury to the left thigh, in February (5); Covid-19, in September (2); presence in the Brazilian team, in October (3); muscle wasting sequence, bone edema in the right knee and injury in the right calf, between October and December (13); and injury to the left thigh (5), in January 2021.

Aware of the risk, Rodrigo Caio acted “in sacrifice” in the final stretch of 2020 and had the injury aggravated, according to the medical department, but recovered in time to debut in the 2021 season with the main team. Flamengo, in the first seven games of the Campeonato Carioca, played with the alternative team.

The defender’s physical problems, however, did not cease. In the current season, Rodrigo Caio played in 16 of the 40 games played by the main group of Fla.

During this period, the DM already reported: fibrosis in the right thigh, in April; pain in the right leg in July; and an edema in the left calf in July. The athlete was also not listed in two matches due to precaution, wear and tear and game sequence. More recently, on July 31, the club informed that the shirt 3 would carry out “a work of biomechanical and muscular rebalancing”.