Peugeot 1008 will be the twin mini-SUV of the new C3 in Brazil

The future Peugeot 1008 should be the brand’s bet for the subcompact segment in the coming years. According to the French of L’Argus, the model will be a kind of mini-SUV derived from new generation of Citroën C3. This, in turn, will be revealed on the 16th of this month, when the French automaker will make a virtual presentation of the novelty.

Because of this kinship, the 1008 will also use the same platform as Citroën’s brother. It is a simplified version of the CMP architecture, which is used by Peugeot 208 manufactured in Argentina. Thus, 1008 and C3 would share several elements, such as mechanical assembly and components, in addition to the production line.

However, the look will be different. And this both on the outside and on the inside. The trend is for the 1008 to be slightly more sophisticated than the C3, as it would be positioned above the Citroën model, with a higher final price.

Long term

However, although it is taken for granted by the French publication, the Peugeot 1008 should take a while to debut. Its production is scheduled for 2025 and it is likely that by then it can replace the current 2008 on the brand’s assembly line in Porto Real (RJ).

And the Peugeot 1008 should not be restricted to the Brazilian market. The brand’s idea is to take it to Europe as the successor of the current 108. So it could be that it will get an electric version for the old continent market.

In Brazil, he could use the current range of Stellantis flex engines, such as the 109 hp 1.3 Firefly and the 1.0 GSE turbo that will debut at the Fiat Pulse.

Projection by Kleber Silva for the unpublished Peugeot 1008
Projection by Kleber Silva for the unpublished Peugeot 1008
Image: Kleber Silva