Planning a good sale until December, Galo has ‘ghost team’ on the radar

One of the strongest teams in the country today, Atlético-MG will have to sell at least one player until December to reach, or get closer to the maximum plan outlined at the beginning of the season. This is affirmed by Rafael Menin, vice-president of the Deliberative Council and son of Rubens Menin, main patron of the Minas Gerais club.

State champion, Libertadores semifinalist, one step away from also being a semifinalist in the Copa do Brasil and isolated leader of the Brazilian Championship, the team from Atletico has been giving a positive response within the four lines and, consequently, gaining value in the market. And it is exactly this scenario that the board needs to reinforce cash.

“In the 2021 budget, the plan was to reach the quarterfinals of the Libertadores and the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. sell an athlete, well sold, in the December window. We can have a better year than what was predicted at the beginning of the season, depending on the performance in the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil and which athlete will be sold,” said Rafael in an interview to the portal speak rooster.

“The planning is underway. The investment in athletes was big, but it has reflected well on sports performance. In the past, we made mistakes a little, bringing some expensive athletes, who didn’t deliver as much. I can say that we are making fewer mistakes and we hope that from here on forward, follow this way,” he added on Thursday night (2).

rafael menin - Bruno Cantini/Atlético-MG - Bruno Cantini/Atlético-MG

Rafael Menin, vice president of the Board of Directors of Atlético-MG

Image: Bruno Cantini/Atlético-MG

ghost team

Seeking not to be suffocated if it negotiates one or more players, Atlético has the help of CIGA (Rooster Information Center), a department whose purpose is to base the Club’s decisions on issues related to football, through the use of modern tools. analysis, including that of the English StatsBomb. The monthly cost to maintain it is, approximately, R$ 400 thousand.

“Today we have a kind of ‘ghost team’ in Galo. We take each athlete from the professional squad and we already have players with similar performance mapped in the Brazilian, South American and European markets. We analyzed contract time and we already have three or four options for each replacement of the main team athlete,” explained Menin.

Among the main assets of the Minas Gerais club, considering the “good sale” highlighted by the vice president of the Board, stand out the left-back Guilherme Arana, the right-back Guga and the forward Savarino; the trio has been watched by the market and can make good millions to the athletic coffers. The young Savinho is also a jewel that attracts the attention of giants.

It is worth remembering that the initial goal was to collect around R$ 120 million in sales from athletes in 2021; so far, however, the amount reached is just under R$54 million.