Plans for Queen Elizabeth’s death and funeral are revealed; see details

The surroundings of Queen Elizabeth II, of the United Kingdom, are already preparing for her majesty’s death. The plans detailing all the actions that will be taken after the monarch’s demise are already in place and have been dubbed “Operation London Bridge”, listing the actions to be taken by authorities and members of the Royal Family.

The document, revealed by the website “O Politico”, says that Elizabeth is codenamed “London Bridge”. Once his death is confirmed, authorities will be informed that “London Bridge has fallen”.

The day of death is called “D-Day” in the document. There are plans for the ten days following the event, called “T+1”, “T+2” and so on until “T+10”.

According to the leak, the first to be informed will be the Queen’s closest relatives, followed by the British prime minister, the secretary of parliament and some ministers and politicians higher in the hierarchy. The official notice to be sent will be: “We have just been informed of the death of Her Majesty the Queen”, with a request for discreet actions.

The public will only be aware of the fact after an official statement from the royalty. On the same day, Elizabeth’s eldest son Charles will meet the Prime Minister and then address his subjects before being proclaimed King the next day.

After the inauguration, the tributes will come, with the preparation of the monarch’s casket on the second day. The third day will be marked by Charles going to the Scottish Parliament. In the fourth he will go to the parliament of Northern Ireland. On the fifth there will be a procession through London and a mass.

Between the sixth and ninth day, Elizabeth’s coffin will be on display at the Palace of Westminster which will be open for 23 hours over four days. Meanwhile, on the seventh day, Charles will pay a visit to the parliament of Wales, thus completing his tour of every country in the UK.

The funeral will take place ten days after the Queen’s death at Westminster Abbey. There will be two minutes of silence across the UK. The coffin will be buried in King George VI’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Other measures
The operation also has a logistical preparation, as the city of London should be crowded with tourists and British citizens, who will travel to pay their respects. Because of this, the funeral will only be 10 days after the death.

The document also determines that social networks from all sectors of the British government must act together, stopping the sharing of any content not referring to death unless it is emergency. Pages must adopt black mourning banners and change their profile photos to their official insignia.

The Queen’s funeral day will be a national holiday unless it falls during the weekend – it is up to bosses and business owners to decide whether to give their employees another extra day off. The document also says that a standardization with the media is agreed, with journalists wearing black clothes while dealing with death.