PlayStation Now will have one Final Fantasy per month through January

The PlayStation Now gaming subscription service will receive a Final Fantasy per month for the next five months. There will be five established franchise games, coming from September 7th to January.

The games that will be added, with their dates, are as follows:

Final Fantasy VII (original) | September 7th

  • Released 1997 on PlayStation
  • Note 92 on Metacritic with Must-Play seal

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered | october 5th

  • Released 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC
  • Score 80 on Metacritic

Final Fantasy IX | November 2nd

  • Launched in 2000 on PlayStation
  • Grade 94 on Metacritic with Must-Play seal

Ultimate Fantazy X/X-2 HD Remaster | December 7th

  • Released in 2013 on PS3 and PS Vita
  • Score 84 on Metacritic

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age | January 4th (2022)

Unlike Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now works on a hybrid model between downloading and steaming games. The service has been around since 2014 in the US and Canada and allows you to play not only on PS4 and PS5, but also on PC.

Since its launch, Sony’s subscription gaming service has spread to several places, also reaching Europe. Currently, PlayStation Now can be played in 19 different countries, but Brazil is not one of them.