Pocah reveals that pastor advised her to forgive ex betrayal

Pocah revealed that a pastor advised her to forgive a betrayal, and that as a result she nearly lost her life. The singer and ex-BBB spokesman spoke about the matter when reverberating the video in which a religious advises Mirela Janis, who recently separated from her husband, to forgive his mistakes.

“I’ve heard this advice, followed it, and almost lost my life. I don’t recommend it,” she began on Twitter. “When I told a pastor that I was being betrayed and being raped, he also told me to forgive, but added, ‘When I say forgive, it doesn’t mean you need to be together. Forgive because you deserve peace,” she said.

She recently participated in the “Talk of Monday” (GNT) where she spoke openly about the toxic relationship she lived in the past. “I lived with this person for many years and I started dating at a very young age. This relationship, it’s completely messed up, it was hell for me and for those around me. My family, my friends, it was terrible and I saw how much it was toxic and people said how much. I tried in every way to get rid of it,” he said.

“There were physical, verbal and psychological aggressions, manipulation, my fear of God. I am a person who has a very strong connection with God and that person used my faith,” continued the singer, telling that the former partner claimed to be possessed by devil by betraying him.

“I said: What have you done to me? I almost went blind in my left eye.’ It was heavy. At various times I was attacked, I wanted to leave and he said that he was being used by the devil and that that was the testimony of our life and that we would count this as a victory,” he reported.

I forgave once, forgiven twice, three times, and more. Do you know why? Because I was afraid of the threats I received. I was afraid of dying at various times in the midst of these fights, I thought I was going to die. The feeling I had is that I was already dying”.