Pokémon TCG is Theme of Happy Meal in September – GKPB

As Star Wars, Pokemon is one of the franchises that is always on the rise and this year more than ever, after all the famous little monsters turn 25 years old. To celebrate the date, the McDonalds is presenting the new campaign of MC happy snack with Pokemon.

In addition to celebrating this moment, this new campaign brings an important innovation: the toys were developed exclusively in paper and cardboard.

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fans of Pokémon TCG (Trading Card Game) will be desperate for this release, as from September 9th, consumers will be able to choose between four paper toys, each consisting of 4 Pokemon Game Cards and 1 item of assorted paper.

Tranding Card Game, or collectible card game, is a game mode that you may not know by name, but you’ve certainly seen someone playing. Yu-gi-oh!, Magic: The Gathering Arena and even the Pokemon, are some of these popularly known games around the world.

Check out the gifts below the new gifts of McLanche Feliz:

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  • Fun Stickers + Pokémon Trading Card Game: Double-sided backdrop accompanied by a sheet of stickers for consumers to create their own Pokémon world. They can come in 2 assorted drawing options, all accompanied by 4 Pokémon Trading Cards.
  • Card Case + Pokémon Trading Card Game: box to assemble, in which consumers can keep their Trading Cards. They can come in 8 assorted drawing options, all accompanied by 4 Pokémon Trading Cards.
  • Frame + Pokémon Trading Card Game: frame with the image of Pikachu, in which consumers can place a photograph or one of the Trading Cards. They can come in 2 assorted drawing options, accompanied by 4 Pokémon Trading Cards.
  • Stickers + Pokémon Trading Card Game: there are 4 stickers boards with the main characters. They can come in 8 different design options, all accompanied by 4 Pokémon Trading Cards.

McDonald’s x Pokemon

This is not the first time the Mequi is present at events related to Pokémon. In early 2020 the franchise’s restaurants became strategic points for players of the Pokemon GO. More than 600 establishments, including all of the company’s units. Golden Arches, the biggest independent franchise of the McDonalds in the world, participated in the action.

“We know that the Mequi has great potential to participate in conversations related to the geek, gamer and pop culture worlds. Therefore, our partnership with the iconic universe of Pokemon it reinforces the already existing relationship with this very relevant audience for us. This new campaign is one more way for us to be aligned with the wishes of our consumers”, comments João Branco, CMO of McDonald’s Brazil.

Pricing and Availability – McHappy Snack Pokémon TCG

As of September 9, consumers will be able to find new gifts from the Pokemon TCG at the McDonalds. Giveaways are free with the purchase of MC happy snack, the McDonald’s combo aimed at children, but can also be purchased separately.

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McLanche Feliz: quality ingredients and balanced compositions

Along with its commitment to ensuring fun and learning times, the company is also committed to providing high quality products and the finest ingredients.

Over the last decade the brand has presented a series of changes and evolutions in its menu. In 2019, McDonald’s renewed its children’s menu proposal to offer an even more balanced option, reducing the amounts of sodium, fats, added sugars and incorporating more fruits and vegetables.

To learn more, visit the official McDonald’s website.