Pregnant Rafa Brites has an accident after slipping in vomit

Rafa Brites, who is pregnant with her second child, told netizens that she had suffered a domestic accident. The journalist said that she went to help her eldest son Rocco, after the child became ill and ended up slipping in her son’s vomit.

“Yesterday I was sleeping with Rocco in bed. Then he started coughing and vomited a lot in bed, I picked him up and ran to the bathroom. Then he vomited more and more, like jets (parents understand) and I was running around . Well I slipped in vomit,” he began.

Brites said the accident could have been worse. “If I fell forward, hitting my stomach on the edge of the bathtub, Rocco would hit his head on the toilet sideways, on his butt it would be a very big and bad impact for a pregnant woman.”

The coach said that she was rescued by her husband, Felipe Andreoli, who was in the room at the time of the incident. “[Felipe]He arrived desperate and helped us. That scene, right, of horror. That between hurting a child or another, my body decided to sacrifice its own body, without even thinking rationally, I was deeply grateful for that situation,” he said.

Rafa Brites concluded by saying that there was nothing serious with his foot and thanked him for being released. “I wanted to share this first because it’s a scene from everyday life that every family goes through and we don’t talk much about. Also because it’s something in practice that I could have left snorting irritated and really grateful. I felt blessed after slipping into vomit, for us see the most unusual moments that gratitude is present.”