Presenter talks about ‘Caldeirão’ expectations

Marcos Mion’s happiness of being part of TV Globo’s cast is contagious! The presenter will take over the Caldeirão from this Saturday, 4th, until the end of December this year, and he says he is making a big dream come true.

In an interview with “O Globo”, he told a little about how this experience is being. “I’m really dazzled, living a dream of my professional life. But it’s genuine,” he pointed out.

The presenter also spoke about the recording of the program, which lasts almost 12 hours: “Insane days. I always end up mentally exhausted.” Ecstatic, he even joked: “I know you have to say ‘Estúdios Globo’, but not in my turn. Let me say ‘Projac’ a little bit.”

“Caldeirão” will be the first program recorded at Globo Studios with the audience back since the pandemic began. “It’s still a small audience, but it gives a taste. Not only me, but musical artists haven’t seen it for a long time,” celebrated Mion.

Eager for the production’s debut, he promises to deliver a program with humor and a lot of happiness: “People can expect fun, laughter, joy, high spirits, which I like to do. We came from a very painful period, of suffering. The conceptual objective of the program is to be part of this moment of resuming the smile”.

It is worth remembering that Mion’s first work on TV Globo was on the series “Sandy & Júnior”, in 1999, where he played the character Max Müller, and he returns to the network more than 20 years later.