Rajon Rondo is ready to resolve his bad relationship with Russell Westbrook


Rajon Rondo apparently wants to settle the score with his new Lakers teammate Russell Westbrook.

Rondo and Westbrook have never hit it off during their careers, but with Rondo signing with the Lakers this week, the two will now have to work together as teammates.

Rondo arrived looking to sort things out and talked about Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Trevor Ariza as he discussed what to expect for next season.

“Carmelo,” said Rondo, when asked who he’s excited to be playing with in Los Angeles. “Obviously, Russ, Trev (Ariza). I look forward to talking to Trev, learning his mind, his focus. We’ve had a lot of great battles with a lot of these guys who are now teammates. I’m looking forward to putting everything in the past and putting it all together for the greater good of the team and winning a championship here. “

Westbrook and Rondo clashed last year when they clashed in a game between the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks. Rondo waved goodbye to Westbrook after the player was sent off for his second technical foul.

Now, the two will look for a championship with the Lakers and their main players LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The two guards will learn to join forces in Los Angeles now that they’re working together instead of playing against each other.