recalls the love life of the actress

“I wanted a cute husband. God willing, he will come,” Viviane Araújo said in an interview in 2019, shortly after breaking up one of her relationships. And she was falling in love with her neighbor, two years later, the actress fulfills her dream of marriage. She and businessman Guilherme Militão made the union official in May, but the celebration takes place today, in a party house in Rio, with everything that the passionate Viviane — who has had many ups and downs in her love life — is entitled.

Born and raised in the Praça Seca neighborhood in Rio, Vivi Araújo never hid her desire to get married and have children. There were some love disappointments before going up to the altar, with emphasis on the first in the life of a famous woman, in 1998, when she lived nine years of relationship with the singer Belo.

Viviane Araújo had a relationship with Belo from 1998 to 2007 - Reproduction - Reproduction

Viviane Araújo had a relationship with Belo from 1998 to 2007

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The artists came to live together in an apartment in the neighborhood where the actress was born, but they never made the union official. Until Belo was arrested, Vivi had to take the relationship with visits to the pagodeiro and to this day a lot is said – and speculated – about the betrayals that put an end to the romance.

Another serious relationship between the actress happened with Nelsinho Abraão David, former president of Beija-Flor. Afterwards, a new engagement took place between Viviane and the player Radamés Martins. They stayed together for ten years, yet another attempt that ended in disillusionment.

Viviane Araújo e Radamés - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Viviane Araújo and Radamés

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Viviane and Radamés went to court. She filed a moral damage lawsuit against her ex-fiancé and his current wife, Caroline Furlan — whom Radamés married four months after breaking up with Viviane. The action was initiated after Caroline made comments on social media against the actress. The two no longer speak.

The long-awaited moment of going up to the altar came when Salgueiro’s drum queen gave a chance to a neighbor, businessman Guilherme Militão. He is 31 years old and is a partner in a real estate agency. The two lived nearby and ended up having a romance.

I had seen him a few times. Do you know when the person is on your side and you don’t notice? Then there comes a certain day when you look different, and it happened”, said the actress in an interview with “TV Fama”.

According to the newspaper “Extra”, the wedding party will be for 300 guests in a place surrounded by nature. Xande de Pilares and the drums from Acadêmicos do Salgueiro cheer the guests. The bride’s dress is signed by Lucas Anderi.

Viviane Araujo shared a romantic moment on social networks - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Viviane Araujo shared a romantic moment on social media

Image: Reproduction/Instagram