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Record managed to monetize and get richer with the choice of the 21st pawn of A Fazenda 13: the extra participant of the new season of the reality show will be chosen through a vote on TikTok. The action is part of the agreement present in the sponsorship quota purchased by the social network, which invested nearly R$ 100 million.

O TV news found that the four pedestrians who will be confined in the Paiol – a confinement similar to the Glass House of Big Brother Brazil – will be submitted for public approval. And only those who have the social network installed on their smartphone can participate in choosing the new member.

Who are the famous people who will be at Paiol? According to the main “betting exchanges” of the tweeters on duty, digital influencer Sthefane Matos, tiktoker Mah Tavares, rapper Krawk and dancer Alisson Jordan go to the parallel confinement.

The partnership with TikTok will also change the presentation of the 20 pawns of the starting lineup to the general public. According to Rodrigo Carelli, director of Record’s core of realities, this is an unprecedented action in the program.

“Look, one thing I can say is that the entry for pedestrians will be different from anything we’ve done so far. The entry for pedestrians has a participation from our advertiser who is a social network, TikTok. it’s going to be very epic like that, the way they’re going to go in, it’s going to be very different,” anticipated Carelli in a recent interview, without giving details.

With the departure of Marcos Mion, who resurrected the reality show, Record needed to create a series of new actions to keep the fire burning in the hay. It installed exclusive cameras at the headquarters for PlayPlus subscribers, will anticipate the revelation of some of the new season’s pedestrians live on Hoje em Dia, five days before the show’s premiere, created Paiol and hired Adriane Galisteu — who came from a great season ahead of the Power Couple.

Fazenda 13 has sold almost all of its sponsorship quotas — there is still one available for sale — and is scheduled to open on September 14th.

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