Reduced options in Europe give more power in dream by David Luiz

The end of the registration period for the group stage of the Champions League and the Europa League reduces the possibilities for David Luiz, who remains free in the soccer market and awakens Flamengo’s interest.

Benfica (POR), which opened a negotiation with the defender, did not reach a consensus on values ​​and left the competition. The player was a request from coach Jorge Jesus, which was not answered this time.

The Portuguese were willing to give 2 million euros (R$12.1 million) clean each of the two years of the contract, but David nodded with a desire to receive 3 million euros (R$18.3 million).

On the other side of the Atlantic, Fla sees this impossibility of playing in the first stage of the biggest tournaments in the Old Continent as a point in favor. The club’s contacts with the player’s agents are frequent, and there is an expectation that conversations will heat up a little more from now on.

Free after leaving Arsenal, the athlete can still reach an agreement with a European, but he will have to put this issue in the balance. If you agree with any association that advances to the round of 16 of the competitions, a new registration window will open on February 2, 2022.

At Gávea, the directors of Fla maintain a cautious posture, but believe that the end can be a happy one. The club’s management understands that the transaction is more a life choice than a financial aspect, as coming to the club would represent a radical change for someone who has been in European football for 15 years.

Although they avoid stipulating deadlines, the idea at the club is to deliver coach Renato Gaúcho the reinforcement during this period without games. As he only returns to the field on September 12, the date of the duel against Palmeiras, the commander will have free time to prepare the team and level the physical condition of the squad.

Work day

Flamengo’s squad continues to take advantage of the space on the calendar to improve their form and work under Renato’s command. Today (3), the cast goes back to work at 9 am at Ninho do Urubu.