Rger Guedes comments behind the scenes of the agreement with Corinthians and says he gave his word to Fbio Santos

Striker Róger Guedes arrived at Corinthians this week and gave his first press interview this Friday, but his name has been linked to the club since before the international transfer window opened. Most talked about athlete of the period, he told a little about how he came.

Yes, there were those backstage, it took a few months, right… I talked to Gil, I talked to Renato after he closed, I already knew them too, so we talked a lot and especially with Fábio, who I have a great friendship“he said, thanking his companions for their help.

“The backstage was this, that I was not to worry, that if I closed with Corinthians I would be very happy here, very well received by them too. When I arrived here, they received me very well from day one, they and the fans also through social networks. So I’m feeling this heat and now I can’t wait to debut, my biggest goal now is to wear the Corinthians shirt and give my life on the field,” he continued.

Guedes moved the public a lot on social networks, participating in lives with friends and making enigmatic posts about the possibility of getting it right with Timão. As the negotiation with Shandong Taishan took a long time to end in the termination of the contract, however, the “novela” was constituted.

“I think that because speculation was very high, so everything I posted, what some friends posted, everything generated around Corinthians, I think the fans were anxious, but of course I was also anxious, we were already talking for a long time with Duilio, but there was nothing right, we had this little perrengue with the Chinese club, they also didn’t want to release me, they wanted me to come back. But we worked for months, my managers with them, to for us to get this friendly agreement to come to Corinthians,” he said.

Roger also assured that he was approached by other clubs in the country before signing with Corinthians, but that the verbal commitment signed with Timão, in addition to his friend Fábio Santos, ruled out any possibility.

“Yes, there was a proposal from abroad, there was also a proposal from Brazil, but I was very decided, I had already talked to my family. I had been talking for a few months, I had even given my word to Fábio Santos too. I think I got along very well. in conversations with Duilio and I had this dream of playing for Corinthians one day, I had always made that clear, especially to Duilio,” he concluded.

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