Richarlison posts Galvão’s meme after Vidal calls him a clown: ‘Sentiu’ – 03/09/2021

The bullshit is good! Richarlison, the team’s striker who was not released by the English league to play in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, again provoked Arturo Vidal after Brazil’s 1-0 victory over Chile in a game played last night.

Hours after being called a “clown” by the Chilean – who countered a stab at the Brazilian himself -, Richarlison used Instagram again and published a meme by Galvão Bueno famous among fans.

meme galvao tino - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram
Image: Reproduction/Instagram

The image reproduces a situation that has occurred several times in recent years involving the narrator and reporter Tino Marcos, who recently left Globo.

On the occasion, the reporter appears calling the announcer to give information to viewers. “Galvão,” says Tino. “Speak up, Tino,” replies the narrator, passing the floor to his colleague. “Sentiu”, completes the journalist, referring to an injured athlete.

Richarlison didn’t directly quote Vidal in his content, but it’s that saying: for a good connoisseur, half a word is enough. And several fans seem to have understood the “message” from the striker to the Chilean midfielder…

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