Richarlison provokes Arturo Vidal, is called a ‘clown’ by the Chilean, and counters: ‘You felt it!’

Brazil’s victory over Chile, in the World Cup qualifiers, generated a bullshit on social media between Richarlison and Arturo Vidal, after provocation by the Brazilian who celebrated the triumph recalling a post made by the Chilean after the confrontation between the two teams in this year’s Copa America.

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At the time, the Chilean said that Brazil ‘could wait’ for Thursday’s game. With the new defeat, the ‘Pombo’ took off and was answered.

– And this clown, who knows? – Vidal posted, putting a clown emoji on the Brazilian’s face.


Richarlison’s first post mocks new defeat in a reunion between Brazil and Chile (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)


Vida responded by calling Richarlison a clown (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Then Richarlison, who was out of the squad after a Premier League veto, shared the meme ‘Galvão? Say there Tino! Felt it!’, in response to the Chilean.


Richarlison’s post in response to Vidal (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Brazil went through trouble and had difficulties to engage in the match, with offensive actions by Vidal, who demanded a lot from goalkeeper Weverton. Everton Ribeiro secured the seventh consecutive victory for the team from the Canary Islands in the competition, which reaches 21 points in seven matches. “La Roja” is still stationed at six points.

Tite’s commandos will return to the field on Sunday (9) to measure forces with Argentina, at the Neo Química Arena, at 4 pm. On the same day, “La Roja” duels against Ecuador at the Casa Blanca Stadium, at 18:00 (GMT). Both matches are valid for the sixth round of competition.