Richarlison provokes Vidal, who calls Brazilian a clown and heats up the mood on social media; Look

THE Brazilian Team won Chile, last Thursday (2), in Santiago, by South American qualifiers to the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar.

Despite a performance below expectations, Tite’s team won with a goal from Everton Ribeiro, in the second half. The match was seen as a ‘rematch’ for the Chileans, who had also lost in the Copa America, by 1-0, and were scolded by the referee.

Shortly after the Copa America, Chilean Arturo Vidal had provoked the national team saying that they would ‘face each other in Chile and without help’, alluding to criticism of the referee in the defeat at the tournament. Right after the match, forward Richarlison used the same post as Vidal with ‘eyes watching’ emojis, taunting the Chileans.

In response, Vidal took a photo of Richarlison and put the face of a clown in place of the face of the Brazilian striker. Right after yesterday’s clash, still on the field, Neymar, who was having a disagreement with defender Maripan, left the pitch raging against the Chileans in a beginning of confusion.

Richarlison was called up by coach Tite, but was one of those vetoed by Everton and for Premier League, since Brazil and other South American countries are on the so-called ‘red list’ of COVID-19 cases, needing to be quarantined on their return to the UK.