Rodrigo Caetano clarifies about Galo’s payroll and ensures that it fits into the budget – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético
Pedro Souza/Athletic

Atletico’s football director, Rodrigo Caetano, guaranteed that the squad’s payroll is in line with the budget made by the club. In an interview with the program Ball Owners, gives TV Band Minas, on the afternoon of Thursday (2), the manager revealed, without being precise, in which value the Rooster’s salaries are, and stated that there is a permanent balance between hiring and leaving.

“In relation to the cost of the soccer payroll, it is very close to R$12 to R$14 million and it was already like that. Our challenge is to maintain it the same way. That’s why we make the movements, we arrive one, others leave, as it was with Marrony [vendido ao Midjytland, da Dinamarca] and Gabriel [negociado com o Yokohama FC, do Japão], which were sold. That’s why we balanced it, because the budget provided for this. And the search is always to qualify, not burden the club’s payroll,” he said.

During the interview, Caetano also recalled that part of the club’s signings for the 2021 season, even though notable ones, such as Hulk and, more recently, Diego Costa, were due to the athletes not having a contract in force with another club, which, according to the director, it made it possible for Galo to assemble a qualified cast.

In addition to the pair of strikers, Galo went to the market to seek three more reinforcements for 2021: Dodô, who, like Hulk and Diego Costa, was without a club, Nacho Fernández, bought from River Plate, Tchê Tchê, on loan from São Paulo.