Roger Guedes and number 123: how do you do it at the time of substitution? Does Conmebol allow? Understand

Roger Guedes’ decision to wear the 123 shirt in the Brazilian Championship surprised many people, and also raised some doubts. For example: what will it be like when there is an eventual substitution involving the Corinthians striker?

THE Sports Gazette he found that, in this case, the tendency is for the electronic board to indicate the number 12 or the number 23, and that the fourth referee, with one hand, points to Roger Guedes.

Traditional electronic boards have space for two green numbers and two red numbers.

There is a more modern board on the market that allows the display of six simultaneous numbers. It would be the ideal situation for Roger Guedes, but the club would need to make this acquisition. The devices used in the games are no longer the responsibility of the federations or confederations, but of the home club. If Corinthians wants, they can buy.

The last option for the fourth referee to solve the problem arising from the numbering chosen by Roger Guedes would be to use the old manual adjustment plates for the numbers.

At least in Conmebol games, the referee team will be free from any difficulties. Both in the Copa Libertadores da América and in the Copa Sudamericana, athletes cannot use a number on their shirt that exceeds the number of entries for players per team.

Each team could use 30 players. The coronavirus pandemic made Conmebol raise this ceiling to 50 athletes in the last two editions, and it is still unknown how the regulation will be for 2022. In any case, the number 123 cannot be used.

So, Roger Guedes, in this situation, would he have shirt 9? Well, there is no certainty about that either, because Jô, owner of the 77 shirt, had to pick up 9 in the current edition of the Copa Sudamericana because of the same problem.

In other words, what remains is to wait to find out how the referees will work at the edge of the field and what number the Alvinegro reinforcement will wear, if Corinthians reaches classification for a Conmebol tournament next year.

During the club’s 111th anniversary event, when the choice for shirt 123 was announced, Roger Guedes explained his reasons.

“I’ve always used 23, which is the day my son was born. As Fagner is here, a guy who has a very long history, I want to create my own story, it’s a different number, and with him I want to make history with the Corinthians shirt”.

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