salary bonus will increase in 2022

The PIS/Pasep will change its value in 2022, because the minimum wage should rise from R$ 1,100 to R$ 1,169, a readjustment of 6.2%. The new value is in the PLOA (Annual Budget Law Project) of 2022, presented this Tuesday (31) by the Ministry of Economy. Even with the readjustment, the minimum wage will be without the real gain.

The PIS/Pasep salary bonus has the national floor as a ceiling, and next year it will be worth R$ 1,169, it will be the new amount of the bonus.

The PIS/Pasep salary bonus is a benefit paid annually to workers with a formal contract, who according to need to have worked in the base year for at least 30 days or 12 months and to have received at most two minimum wages in that year.

The benefit is paid according to the number of months worked, so whoever worked 12 months will receive a minimum wage (with an estimated R$1,169 for next year), whereas those who worked for 30 days will receive a proportional amount.

Requirements to receive the salary bonus

  • Be registered in PIS for at least five years;
  • Have received an average monthly remuneration of up to two minimum wages during the base year;
  • Have exercised paid activity for a Legal Entity, for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year considered for calculation;
  • Have your data correctly informed by the employer (Legal Person) in the Annual Social Information List (RAIS)/eSocial.

Payment of Salary Bonus

Payment can be made:

by credit account, when the worker has a checking account, savings account or Social Digital Savings account at CAIXA;
at ATMs, Lottery Houses and CAIXA Aqui Correspondents using the Citizen’s Card;
at a CAIXA branch, presenting the PIS number and an official identification document.

Deferred PIS/Pasep salary allowance

The PIS/Pasep calendar for the base year 2020 was postponed to next year, after a decision by the Deliberative Council of the Worker’s Support Fund (Codefat).

There is an expectation that the PIS/Pasep 2020 salary bonus will be released for payment in February 2022.
The detailed schedule for payment of the 2020 salary bonus has not yet been defined.